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We Need Your Support

Both physicians, Howard Dean and his wife, Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean, share a commitment to ensuring access to affordable healthcare for all Americans.


June Is Critical
We need your help.There are four things we must do, and we have ten days in which to do them:

There are only 10 days left before the Federal Election Commission's fundraising report deadline of June 30th. Please do everything you can to help Howard Dean beat expectations before this deadline.

On June 23rd, in a speech to be broadcast across the Internet, Howard Dean will lay out his vision for America. Stand up and be counted by registering for an event in your area.
Hosts: Click here for your host kit Flyers: Download Here

MoveOn.org, a massive grassroots organization with 1.4 million members, is holding a primary election on June 24 to chose a candidate to endorse. We must help Governor Dean win this endorsement. Tell everyone you know to register to vote in the MoveOn primary.

Meetups have been the backbone of the campaign, and Meetup members are the soul of our movement. We need to make the July 2nd Meetup as large as possible. We have a plan we want to discuss with all of you at the July 2nd Meetup you can be a vital part of our campaign to take back the White House.  Those who have not joined Meetup should do so now.

We have a long way to go, but if everyone helps us with these four critical steps, our campaign will move forward in a way that no one thought possible.  For the rest of this month, it is vital that we focus our energy on bringing this campaign to the next level.

Spread the word: Tell everyone you know about Howard Dean.

At 1 pm EDT on June 23rd, in a speech to be given in Burlington, Vermont and broadcast across the Internet, Howard Dean will define what is at stake in the 2004 election and will lay out his vision for America. In every state in the country, thousands of supporters are holding Declaration Celebration parties--ranging from major rallies in a few cities, to small gatherings of a few friends in smaller towns-- to show their support for Dean's candidacy and watch his speech (which will be available for viewing-on-demand through the internet by 6 pm ET).     Read More >>

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Vote for Howard Dean in the MoveOn Primary

What can you do? Join Meetup!

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